As the industry’s leading manufacturer of vitamin and nutritional supplements, our capabilities are unmatched. For more than half a century, we have honed our expertise so we can guide our customers’ products through the entire development and manufacturing process. Our capabilities enable us to provide unique and unparalleled solutions for store brands and contracted national brands.

Consumer Driven Innovation

Insight-driven Innovation

We combine consumer insight and market intelligence with scientific knowledge to develop products from concept to finished product

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Trusted Quality

Trusted Quality

We utilize a universal quality system across all locations, translating to exceptional, consistent, and pure products

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Advanced Manufacturing

Operational Excellence

The intelligent factory of tomorrow…today!

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Unmatched Scale

Global Supply Chain

We combine global ingredient sourcing with local production around the world, delivering the lowest cost, highest quality products tailored to local taste and preferences

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A delivery system for any consumer preference 

Soft gels

We continually align our manufacturing capabilities with consumer trends—like options for vegetarian soft gels.


With our unique continuous manufacturing process IVC is best positioned to compete and innovate in solid dose form. For example, people who have trouble swallowing tablets can benefit from our unique plant-based Nutraglide™ coating, which makes pills easier to swallow.


For children and others who struggle to swallow pills, we offer great-tasting chewable tablets containing clean ingredients.

Rapid Dissolving Tablets

IVC was the first major producer to launch rapid dissolving tablets in the supplement space—quick to consume, quick to absorb, and quick to perform.


Two-piece capsules continue to grow in popularity because of their clean and efficacious delivery method. IVC is one of the largest producers of vegetarian-friendly, plant-based capsules.


Delicious and simple to consume at all ages, IVC has the flexibility to make our gummies from gelatin and/or pectin with formulas leveraging natural colors, flavors, sweeteners, and preservatives.


We produce powders for sports nutrition, whey and plant-based protein, meal replacement, fiber, functional foods, and herbs. IVC can package powders in a variety of formats, including jars, canisters, individual packages, gusset bags, and super sacks.

Multi Packs

As busy consumers continue to look for more convenience in their lives, IVC has developed numerous condition based supplement packs to make the daily supplement routine simpler.